When I am asked about my work I always get the question: How does shamanic healing look like? That is not an easy question to answer, because on the surface there is not much to see; the work happens on the invisible level of the non-ordinary reality in which I perform the healing through shamanic extraction, soul retrieval and power animal retrieval. You will hear me rattling, drumming, chiming and singing and you will feel a deep relaxation, ease and lightness during the session. There is one part of my work that is visible and palpable also to the senses of the ordinary reality: I also work with plant helpers which I place on and around the client’s body. So to answer that initial question, a shamanic healing session looks like this:


I offer different formats of sessions, based on whether the intention for the session is healing / support or divination / interpretation. I also offer a short basic shamanic support for those who need a quick power boost.








PSYCHOPOMP WORK Duration varies.


Healing and divinatory sessions can be done in person in my healing space in Tobačna 2, Ljubljana or long-distance. Psychopomp work can be done long-distance or, by appointment, at the location.


To be most comfortable during the session, I suggest you are dressed suitable for sitting and lying on the floor (carpeted). The session is completely non-invasive and usually very relaxing and pleasant. On the day of the session, I do not advise the use of alcohol or other psychoactive substances.

Shamanic session with drumming is not recommended for clients with epilepsy or increased sensitivity to the sound of repetitive drumming. However, by appointment I can do a session without audible drumming.

In order to carry out the session, I need only basic information about the client and the purpose of the visit, as I get most of the information that I need for my work at the level of non-ordinary reality.

Usually, the effects of the session are integrated between 2 and 4 weeks. A single session can be enough for a specific purpose of the visit. In case the timeframe of one session is not sufficient, I will resume work in the next session.

Shamanic healing is not a substitute for traditional medicine, psychotherapy or physiotherapy.

Since it focuses on the spiritual aspect and the origin of illness and problems, shamanic treatment can be an effective preventive and means of maintaining health and well-being in the long term.

In my shamanic practice I act in accordance with ethics and respect for my client and myself.


My first shamanic experience

Being a person who is aware of the importance of the spiritual dimension of my being, I responded to Sara’s invitation to come for a cleansing of internal clutter. I’m aware that the quality of how we are feeling is defined only by our emotive state which entirely depends on the alignment of our thoughts and actions with the essence of our hearts. The more that the sun of love, shining in our hearts, is covered by the clouds of fear and distrust of our fellow human beings and of life, the worse we are feeling and the closer we are to a state of depression. And vice versa. Sara’s invitation came exactly at a time, when I was coming very close to that state. At the beginning she asked me, if I wanted to be clear of that clutter. I liked that very much, as she didn’t just take the right to intervene into my subconscious without my consent, and she also described in detail what she was doing. I don’t know for how long I had been listening to the sound of drums and rattles with my eyes closed, sensing various pleasant fragrances, when she again asked me, if I wanted to meet my animal guide. Of course I confirmed, as I was feeling very positively charged and I was filled with trust. And when I found out which animal it was, I remembered that a few days prior, without actually knowing why, in a moment of feeling freedom and happiness I mimicked her very movements. The feeling of freedom and contentment I felt now was completely contrary to my state from a few hours ago and since the session this animal has crossed my path many times, in my dreams as well as in nature. She always reminds me of my heart path in life and dispels all doubts that now and then still appear.

Thank you Sara!

(translated by Sara Sajovec)

Prior to my first shamanic session I didn’t really understand what shamanism was. So I headed to the session without any great expectation, rather was a bit skeptical. Before we started with the session, I told Sara that I had had a terrible day. So we decided to focus mainly on that I would feel more peaceful and powerful after the session. My intention was achieved. Not only did I leave the session feeling calm, I also got to meet my two power animals; one of them has been with me for almost my whole life, I just wasn’t aware. If I hadn’t been such a doubting Thomas, I would definitely have come to Sara earlier.

NEŽA (translated by Sara Sajovec)

I must admit these sort of things are not my cup of tea, but it was an interesting and enjoyable experience. More so, considering this was a part of my cultural heritage I was very detached from. Sara seems to have follow through and thoroughly the studies of this and made it a part of herself.