Shamanic divination is a shamanic method for obtaining important information for an individual or a community. Through shamanic journeying or other techniques I travel to non-ordinary reality and with the help of spiritual guides bring answers or guidance for any questions or matters that are important to you; be it minor unresolved issues or important life decisions. The answer to the client’s question, which I receive on a shamanic journey in the non-ordinary reality, is usually at least to some extent symbolic and is intended for the client to put into perspective. I offer additional insight and support in interpreting the messages. The information and the messages start to affect the subtler levels of consciousness immediately, often though, the meaning and impact of the answers received through shamanic divination in all its entirety reveal themselves gradually.


Shamanic divination is suitable for those who want to find answers to questions or resolve dilemmas at their heart and soul level. Often, when deciding about things or trying to find answers, we can become enmeshed in a network of the mind, our desires or projections, and at some point we are no longer able to see the answer or the choice that is best aligned with our essence. The core of all shamanic work takes place at the level of the heart consciousness. The sacred space, which I open in my shamanic work, creates a safe and clear space where the wisdom and intentions from the heart and soul level can reveal themselves.


Applying my shamanic insight and access to the wisdom of the all-knowing spirit helpers and guides I can bring a deeper interpretation of your dreams and transmit important messages or specific powers that your dreams carry for you. Shamanic dream interpretation can also lead to conclusion and reconciliation of certain dreams which are either recurring and have been repeating for sometimes decades, or any dreams that remain open, causing curiosity or restlessness to the dreamer. For clients with sleep disorder and insomnia I check and offer healing for both the dream pattern (which includes shamanic work with dreams) and for the waking state situation that may be causing sleep disorders (a regular shamanic healing procedure). I also propose the client a personal before-sleep ritual and help create it.


From a shamanic point of view, the dream world is a part of the non-ordinary reality, and in our dreams, we are actually moving into the sphere of the spiritual world. Dreams are “sent” to us by spirits and they can bring important messages or significant powers to the dreamer. Such dreams are the so-called big dreams, and they are sent by our helpful spirits and spiritual allies. Small dreams may not carry so much power with them, but they still have important meaning, which, as usual in communication with the spiritual world, is to be extracted from the metaphor. A dream can also come directly from one’s soul, the strongest personal spiritual power of a person, in order to bring certain messages, insights, warnings to the conscious level of the dreamer. Bad dreams and nightmares can thus also originate from the soul, or they can be a result of a spiritual interference in which case shamanic work may be necessary to bring solace.


Shamanic dream interpretation is suitable for those who are interested in the deeper meaning of their dreams, especially dreams that linger with the dreamer for a long time, recurring dreams, dreams in which the person is visited by animals or deceased ancestors. Shamanic interpretation of dreams is also for those who want to bring a certain set of dreams to completion and find a conclusion. Shamanic work with dreams can also help with curing sleep disorders, tracing the source of nightmares and resolving them.