I hold a BA in Russian and Spanish Studies from University of Ljubljana. I studied core shamanism with Foundation for Shamanic Studies and completed:

Basic Workshop “The Way of the Shaman”

Shamanic Extraction

Death, Dying and Beyond Power

Soul Retrieval Training™

Michael Harner’s Shamanic Dreamwork™

Practising shamanism for me is like drinking from the well of wisdom, love and compassionate power. The well resembles the eyes of a very old and experienced grandmother. If you look straight into her eyes for long enough you can see all that is, has been and will come to be. If you examine the wrinkles around these eyes, you will see that they still tremble from years and years of laughter, sometimes a thundering and echoing laughter that made the earth rise up into mountain ranges, other times a gentle smile that barely curled the still lake. You can see the eyes still glittering with traces of tears; the bitter tears, the ones that emerge when something deeply moves you, the silent tears from when grief hasn’t found its voice yet, the tears of happiness and sorrow, and again, of joy that makes your cheeks hurt. You can find a missing raindrop or a snowflake in there, too.

I deeply believe that we can make the world a better place for ourselves and for our descendants if we start living in accordance to our soul power. I have experienced it myself, I have seen it in others: it is possible to live in one’s wholeness and integrity. I see it as a part of my work on this planet to help others heal and access their soul power to be able to live in wholeness and integrity.

I studied core shamanism with the FSS and had already begun to practise shamanism intensely when I came across the spiritual heritage of the Old Faith from my home country Slovenia. Through the books and in-person shared memories about the Old Believers by a grand person, a true elder from Slovenia, Pavel Medvešček, I found a previously missing link between the cross-cultural core shamanism and my own cultural background. The stories and the material legacy of the Old Believers many times confirmed my instinctual knowledge and personal shamanic work and gave me a sense of belonging, and a powerfull, although invisible support from the spiritual world of the Old Faith. In my shamanic practise I combine core shamanic principles and healing techniques with the practices from the Slovenian Old Faith.

I have recognised many shamanistic features in the treasures of the Old Faith which inspired me to write an article on the Slovenian Old faith and the Old believers. It was published in Shamanism, the annual journal of the Foundation for the Shamanic Studies and Schamanismus, the annual journal of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe. The short version of the article can be accessed here:

In English: https://www.shamanism.eu/the-old-believers-of-slovenia/

In German: https://www.shamanicstudies.net/die-alten-glaeubigen-sloweniens/